Saturday, February 9

Sneak peak at the new kits

Finally got out for a ride in the new team kit this morning and it was sunny enough to take a few pictures. Luckily I didn't drop the camera in the wind :) Also we got my dad's clothes (and by "we" I mean Marni...) mailed out today so hopefully team Plesko will be matchy-matchy all this year.
Can you dig it?
Our new shop sponsor, Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop.
Oh yea baby, Ride Against The Machine. I'm working through interview/profiles of all our team members now so check them out on the site if you're interested. I think the colors still look good with red knee warmers. 
Tonight Dave, Marni, Bill, Mike and I am heading up to Leadville for some night snow racing. Is niiiiiice.

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Scott said...

That is one sexy kit! :)