Tuesday, February 5

Playing in the snow

Train hard, rest, repeat. This weekend was that little rest period but I can never stay indoors very long. Marni, Bill, Nicolette, the dogs and I headed up to Pikes Peak to have a go at a winter snowshoe ascent. We didn't summit but had an awesome time anyway. As Marni elluded too, there are some great actions shots that need to be tweeked a bit before posting but I liked this shot and wanted to post a little update today anyway.

This week I'm back to training and have another little race in Pb-ville saturday night. Tomorrow the new team kits are arriving and I'm really excited to see them. By Friday our little Leadville 100 group should know if we got in also. Fingers crossed!

Last but certainly not least, the cycling community has lost a great asset. May you be forever riding bicycles and tinkering Sheldon, you will be missed but never forgotten. I have learned a ton from your writings.

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Marni said...

You made an excellent snow plow this weekend! Thanks for the adventure!!