Thursday, February 7

Put on the tough guy suit

After 2 days of intervals I really wanted to ride my SS today so I did. Mother nature isn't going to make it easy on me the next couple days though. I'll call it character building. I'm hoping it at least stays a little warm so the snow melts off instead of turning into 18" drifts like it is doing today.

Last night we got our new team kits. I was going to post a picture but frankly I look even more dorky than usual just standing in my living room in cycling clothes so I think you'll have to wait for a good outside shot to debut it. The knickers are awesome though and I'm really excited about them and finally retiring the skinsuit I've owned since 1999!


Marni said...

we need to get you a bike-achute. A parachute powered (or resisted) bicycle. Parachike? Bikarachute? Sweeeeeeet.

Cellarrat said...

have fun in the wind tunnel!