Thursday, February 21

Wednesday Ride

The Ride Against the Machine team got out for probably the biggest wednesday night ride ever in February. Bill, Scott, Erik, Mike, Marni and I were in attendance and we hit up Green Mountain since it's the only trail around Golden that's (semi) rideable right now. After everyone arrived we all piled out of the (warm) Element and got riding, straight up the dirt road since we weren't sure what would be muddy.
My legs are resting a bit this week after a really good start to the year. I did spin easily down to the trailhead though so Marni could come right from work. By the time we topped out on the climb the balaclava came off and the jacket was unzipped. The EOS is back though as I gave Marni and Mike the "white heat" lights and I used a combo of older LEDs.
Marni smiling at the top.
There was some pushing involved in a few steep spots for the SS contingent.
Bill checking out his camera.
Scott, glad to have you back! Looking stylish in our new team vest.
Isn't she a cute bike nerd?
Little profile since we were all wondering how much vertical the first climb was.

After we topped out we bombed down a center trail, cautiously at first expecting mud. What mud there was didn't stick or was freezing as we rode so it was all good! Aside from a couple wet spots near the very lowest part of the trail there was pretty much a dry line everywhere which was a nice surprise. Hopefully the Wed rides will continue more frequently from here on out!


Marni said...

That was a fun ride for sure! Thanks for the fun ride.

Cellarrat said...

i need to check yahoo more offen