Friday, January 16


Just for M we have this week's Friday Starbucks date in sepia. Can you feel the enduroblogger vibe? :)
Marni likes whipped cream even if they forgot the extra part.
Gotta get your random quote fix. This one must apply to Marni.
And here I am, scruffy yet lacking a real beard by any stretch of the imagination. I think I will shave it soon and cut my hair, I just can't compete with Dave&Dave in the unofficial hair growing content. Dad I blame you :p In other news it was a disappointing morning on the baby front. While we have many many options still on the table, a certain part of us still hopes it will just happen au natural. I certainly understand that point of view but I'm positive about all the alternatives too. Nevertheless these days are still hard to swallow and each one must be dealt with anew. Luckily we have our furry baby to keep us company for the time being and it's hard to deny his appeal.
I mean who can deny the sheer joy of this picture. He was sure happy I took him out for a post Starbucks romp.
I was happy to get out too. A spin on the Pugs does wonders and I played around in some north facing snow fields under the auspices of "preparing" for tomorrow race in Leadville.
Turbo loves the snow. I often regret not being a bigger skier so as to take him romping in lots of it more often.
The day has started though. Move forward, make plans, execute. Chores, ride, study and perhaps a surprise will keep me busy today. More tomorrow and next month and for the foreseeable future. Hard to believe I've made over 500 blog posts since I started this thing!


Marni said...

Wow! Turbo looks SOOOOOO pleased to be out! I heart you and our furry baby.

Yum, whipped cream...

Fonk said...

Good luck at Leadville! I had hoped to race this one, but have spent the last few weeks doing nothing but work, work, work (serious, crazy hours), so have had ZERO time to train. Hopefully I'll be able to hit one of the later ones. I look forward to your race report.

On the upside though, it's supposed to be in the 50's here on the Front Range, so a good day to get out for a road ride.

Cellarrat said...


The hair can be pita!

I miss turbo!