Tuesday, January 6

Busy bee

No I'm not going to Everest, don't worry everyone. I just didn't have a good picture and I liked this one I found the other day. Wow today was crazy, AM intervals, babysitting until late afternoon, ride down to meet Marni, ship off two packages at USPS along the way, pick up my frame from Salvagetti (and a 2.4 29er Mtn King to try as a front tire) then off to climbing with Marni and Brett. Scored 119 "points" tonight climbing with one 5.11- clean and a 5.11 and 5.11+ with a big of hangdogging at the end of the night. The points aren't anything special, just a way to keep track of roughly how many/hard routes I do. Time for bed then up early to make wifey french toast. It's supposed to be warm tomorrow I think and Monocog is wanting to be ridden.

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Marni said...

Nice job climbing last night, you looked really smooth!