Sunday, January 4

Little bit of winter beauty

My cycling training hasn't been all that picturesque lately but that doesn't mean it's been lacking. Camp Lynda is coming up soon and I'm excited, so my motivation to be "ready" is strong. My new frame is at Salvagetti getting prepped so I can't wait to get that back soon. Additionally the strength work is beginning to show dividends but pictures of me doing core work, pushups and hangboard training is well, not exciting. So today Marni and I went on a fun hike with some friends at Apex. A bit strange to be there sans bike but a lot of fun nevertheless. Turbo says, let's go!The hiker and baby train :)
A light morning snowstorm left the trees dusted with cotton candy clumps of white.
Turbo says, let's keep going!
I added a little more challenge to my hike with my heavy pack (liquid bricks) and super suit boots. But considering the other guys were hauling babies, I figure that just makes it even :)
Little Zuri finally sacked out!
I love winter. So pretty.
The sun even peeked out for a bit although it was still chilly. Probably in the low 20s, upper teens. Marni had her down expedition mitts on while I had slightly chilled hands in my midweight Pearl Izumi gloves.
What would I do without Turbo? He's so photogenic!
The weather this week look good and we're all settled in after the holidays. Time for some good outdoor hours.

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Marni said...

Thanks for the fun walk!