Friday, January 30


Got out for a good ride this AM on the new bike after our Starbucks date. Surprisingly the dog park was mostly snow free and not too muddy so I did laps for a couple hours and took it up and down a couple other hills around my house. No pictures but I'll post some more when I get outside on nicer trails. The Mountain King impressed today, it's not a 2.4 (or a 2.2 really) but it does bite really well in the corners which is what I want out of an all purpose front tire. No major downsides noticed yet but it does take a little more english on the bars to change directions on fast singletrack turns. Still going through the annoying new bike tweaks like brake and bar positioning but so far I'm really happy. More to come...

This afternoon I spent some more time studying for my Praxis II test. This time I missed 3 questions with only 1 that I was clueless on and I timed 20 questions in about 55 minutes. Still need to get faster and work on those triangle rules but I'm getting better.

January is over tomorrow and I'm dangerously close to breaking my mileage record. Baring any major catastrophe I think I'll take down the January 2007 record of 1007 miles.

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grannygear said...

I have been running Mtn King 2.4s on the SS Monkey and they are a really good winter/spring tire. they do hook up really well.