Monday, January 12

Pugsley rules

I ended up studying longer than I had planned today which is a good thing as I got a lot of stuff figured out and finally a system in place. Primarily I need to order some more practice problems, especially trig stuff but overall I'm feeling good about finally taking my Praxis II test on March 14th. After I put the books away and ate some lunch, I biked down to Marni's work on the Pugs to meet her for climbing. The melt was in full effect and a very messy combo of ice, slush, refrozen plow crap, fresh snow and water. Those 4" Endos take it all in stride and I've never been gawked at more than when I ride Pugs in the city. It's pretty funny to watch all the open mouth drivers. Tomorrow I'm hoping to ride the Pugs a bit more around the local trails and take some pictures if the weather cooperates. The rest of the week will be a bit of rest and wrenching on all the bikes as some TLC is on order. Then Saturday is the first race of the year, a short winter snow race up in Leadville.

Tonight Marni and I climbed at the gym with Chris and Brett for a while and then got some tacos, yum! I continued to push my endurance, "scoring" 170 points by my little tracking system and I'm pretty solid through the easier 11's now. The harder 11's and breaking into my first 12's is going to take some more effort each time working on those fingers and fine footwork. I'm loathe to blame my shoes so I won't until it becomes clear they're holding me back. More finger strength and better technique can definitely get me solidly through all the 11s I've attempted so far. Randomly I also scored another belay device (ATC XP) for cheap tonight. Now I have a replacement for my original ATC when it gets too worn.

Another awesome blog I know but the habit should keep me from dropping off the planet for a while. More biking and testing news coming plus keep your fingers crossed for the Brown Truck to show up soon...pleeeeeeeeeease!


Perry said...

Sounds like a fun day! Hey for more trig problems I always used these in school for extra practice and they were great--

Hope the temps hold today to get on the trails--otherwise some more night riding for me. 5.11s....5.12s....that is some hard climbing--looks like I have a lot of work to do to catch up to you--My finger strength is increasing from the hang board workouts so that should help a good bit. Can you race the Leadville series with normal tires like the panracer fire's? Perry

Chris said...

Thanks for the trig problem info, I'm definitely rusty, especially just getting into the right "thinking" mode to realize how to solve the problem.

I wouldn't worry too much about my climbing, I'm still weak :) I haven't done anything outside nearly that hard and I'm incredulous that the gym grades and the outside grades will really match. On my hang board I can really still only use the easiest 2 levels!

And yes you can race the PBville series with regular tires. Marni is planning on being there with her 29er this weekend. The wider the tire the better but a Pugs is not required (or even always the fastest ride).