Monday, January 5

Gusty winter (as usual)

It's always windy here in the winter so I generally try to ignore the weather forecast unless it's really bad. While we were gone on vacation, one wind storm of 91 MPH blew down at least 10% of the fences in the neighborhood. When the forecast mentions "wind prone areas" that's my house. Luckily so far our house has survived all this without any major damage.

Today it was supposed to be 40s and only 10-15 MPH winds. Great I thought, I really would prefer to ride outdoors. I should have known that was a trick from mother nature. In reality it might have been *just* 40 deg F with 30mph sustained winds and 65 mph gusts. Sweet. I survived a few hours before I tucked tail home to warm up my body and fingers and I was even wearing more clothes than I thought I'd need! Amazingly it's supposed to be even worse on Wed/Thurs as we get a warm up before the next storm front. A W E S O M E.

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Perry said...

Good to see I was not only one out there wishing I had a jib mounted on the front of my bike! Fences are down in my neighborhood out here past boulder not to mention the recycling the folks did not pick up this morning. I may have a pugs finally lined up....will know in a few more days.