Sunday, January 18

Sunny sunday

After yesterday's race and still on a rest week, Marni and I had a lazy start to the morning. She made me some eggs and crepes with a little Nutella, yum! We stopped by a friends house on the way to Boulder to feed their pups and then spent a little time on Pearl Street mall for shopping and coffee. Marni says we're yuppies now. However I maintain that I only own technical clothing from Patagucci.
On the way out of town I snagged a 29x2.1 Bonti XDX from the Trek Store for the new 29er and for the gram weenies out there, it weighs 703g. I'll be running it out back with a Conti Mtn King up front to start with as an every day setup. I'm also going to try some Nanos for a lighter and fast rolling but still not flimsy (ahhhhem Crows...) setup. When we got home it was still in the 60s and sunny so I suited up sans leg coverings and headed out on a recovery ride. My legs felt really good, I could hardly tell I raced yesterday and I ended up riding until almost dark.
These bad boys showed up the other day too and are now at the wheelbuilders awaiting the arrival of the spokes. Soon soon soon the Vassago will be ready to ride for realz.
397g and 403g for those keeping track. Being built up with WTB laser disc lites (they've been bomber for me on 2 sets for the few years) and just some DT db spokes. This will be my training wheelset while I try to figure out a way to get on some EDGE Carbon rims this summer.
Tonight Marni has the girls over so I'll be hanging out with them a little bit as well as working on the Monocog to have it ready for Camp Lynda. I'm hoping to bring the Vassago but I don't want to have to scramble at the last minute to have the Monocog ready if I can't pull it together by Thursday AM.

Tomorrow Marni has the day off so we'll be in the Flatirons climbing The Spy and perhaps some other stuff in the 65 degree temps. Also hoping to get in a ride later in the day. 60's are predicted through Wednesday. What an awesome way to start a non rest week!

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