Friday, June 10

Shocks shocks shocks shocks

It's pay day, it's pay day. Now I can finally get my shocks. I've been waiting to get my Koni's since I got the car but now I finally have enough free cash to do it. The first piece of the puzzle towards having a competitive car will soon be on the way to me. Hopefully the fact that they're lightly used doesn't come back to bite me but i'm going to have them rebuilt eventually anyway to double adjustables with revalving in the rear for higher spring rates. Now I need to find a way to get my camber plates and coilovers so I can actually install the new shocks.

On a note of earning more money, my tubing order shipped the 7th (finally). Once all this stuff arrives I'll be ready to eliminate one more piece of credit card debit and be one step closer to buying our house.

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