Wednesday, January 30

Jury Duty

I had jury duty today and got to play "real" bike commuter with a 20 mile shot each way to get to the other end of the county. Left in the dark, came home in a snowstorm. Such is winter in Colorado, not that I'm complaining one bit. My running 9 day mileage far eclipsed the rest of the month and my expectations. Tomorrow will be playing on the Pugs to finish it up. January has been a very good month, better than I thought it might be. Better than last year even without 1000 miles.

Sorry forgot my camera today. It was windy and blue bird skies and I pulled an end around on the storm coming home. A couple hours later we have significant accumulation. 

Jury duty was sooo not as exciting as I had hoped it might be.

Late edit: Forgot to mention I got crapped on today. Literally. Yep that's right. Some geese got a double direct hit right on my jacket sleeve. Whap whap. Son of a...!

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