Wednesday, July 29

Sand Dunes

Marni and I hit up the Sand Dunes on the way back from Scott and Melissa's beautiful wedding. Marni already has a little write up of the weekend but I wanted to post a few more dunes pictures. I've wanted to go down there for a while now but it's a few hours away and we've never managed to fit it into another trip. That's a shame though, it's really pretty and pretty great for training too. Too bad bikes aren't allowed, it's a fat bike's summertime camping dream. Sand, hills and even flowing water with big mountains all around!

Usually it's really hot on the dunes in the summer but instead we got ominous clouds and cool temps. Tourista shot...
Let's race up the dunes! Okay running in sand is hard work if we didn't all already know that.
Erik trying to huck himself off the edge of the dunes.
Michelle getting stuck in the sand.
Me throwing Marni off the dune. Just kidding, I'm trying to teach her how to do a backflip.
Me throwing myself down the dune.
Me hucking myself off the dune backwards. See doing backflips on a steep sandy slope is practically cheating!
Erik and I decided to run down the dune and back up the other one, then we wrote a message.
Zoooooooom in!
The girls at the base of the dune we just ran down.
On the way out the clouds grew darker and we soon got some rain. We'll go back another day to hike to the tops of the big dunes when lightning isn't such a big worry.
Plus you never know what you'll find in the sand, cool insects, random big granite chucks or BATMAN GLASSES!


Unknown said...

dig the shades

Scott said...

Was it planned for everyone to wear red?