Wednesday, May 31

The need for speed

Yesterday was an awesome day of riding. At lunch I did a one hour mountain bike time trial on the singlespeed and destroyed my previous personal bests on my lunch course. After work I came home briefly and then rode about 3 hours more on the single out at Marshall Mesa. Despite the 45 minute road ride to get there and back it was really fun to bomb some singletrack and practice a few technical skills. Today is a quick recovery day and then tomorrow is more riding singletrack on the singlespeed if I can escape working late. For now I'm stuck here most of the night to test bottles for a pallet run. We're picking up the slack for one of the plants which is good for business, just not good for me going home early. More pictures soon, I'll have to steal the crappy camera back from Marni so I can bring it along on rides.

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