Sunday, December 10


No cool title comes to mind so deal with it. Pretty sweet picture below taken by Bill though. He and I went on a sweet ride Saturday morning and were joined by Cole and Mateo. Dave had planned to join as well but he was a little "under the weather", so he didn't make it.
Cole chilling at the top of Green Mountain while we wait for the others.
Bill arriving at the top. Snow was still everywhere but melting off fast. It was a challenge to stay off the mud and on the snowy lines.
From the top we found a nice snowy descent so as not to tear up the trail too much.
What do you mean Racing Ralphs aren't snow tires?
The city below. Green Mountain gets ragged on for being boring a lot but those people just don't want to look around. There are tons of little trails on all sides of the mountain, some steep enough that I've slid down the hill with BOTH BRAKES locked :)

Bill down a really snowy section.

This drifted ditch was a little too deep without a Pugs. Still smiles all around.
Mateo closing in on the same spot.
Mateo and Cole were both on SS 29ers (very sexy Blacksheep's, me want). I was on the Monocog. Bill was the lone gearie but we worked hard to covert him.
On the way back to the parking lot via the road I rode some fun wheelies. I caught one poor roadie uphill while riding a wheelie. Poor guy didn't know what hit him. 2:1 felt real good despite minimal mileage this week and being sick. Marni and I both sound like hell so today I just rested to finish out the off week. I did get to play with the Garmen Geko 301 that Dave handed down to me. With a set of fresh batteries and the downloaded user manual I finally figured out what all the menus and screens mean. This thing rocks my socks and I can't wait to get a couple bike mounts and the upload cable and use it more! Elevation, speeds, times and totally user configureable. Definitely my new favorite geek toy...
Well that rounds out the excitement for the weekend. Got some Christmas shopping done with Marni. Tonite we're just relaxing and trying to shake these colds so we can get back to normal. Back to training next week with more pictures I promise Becky.


Cellarrat said...

Sorry I missed it... I'm fighting this crazy cold and sat morn couldn't even get out of bed... Glad your playing with the gps =)

I have a fairly crazy week, were bottling sat... Might be able to sneak out sometime this week.

Scott DL said...

Oooo ooo, upload your GPS to and send us the link, I'll do the same for my ride in Hawaii.

Chris said...

Dont' have the GPS upload cable yet. I'll have to find one at REI or order one. My (shortest) ride to work is 0.96 miles and 90 feet elevation gain, haha.

Becky said...

As always, enjoying the pics, and the random bike/elevation talk. I'm currently sitting at roughly 722 feet above sea-level, which is roughly 36 feet higher in elevation than my hometown of Holland, MI. You know, I'm "moving up" in the world.