Thursday, December 14

Snow time like the present

I'm currently parked on the couch following my oh so exciting trip to the dentist to fix a cavity and a chipped filling. Luckily today is an easy bike day since the last three days have whupped my ass. Last night I rode down to "Green Mountain" for a night ride with Erik, Bill and Dave. When I say "rode" that means suffered for an hour and a half riding into a lovely dust storm in the dark to get there. Nevertheless we had a kick ass time and trail conditions were snowy but perfect. Onto the pictures!

Dave's new On-one. 26" wheels and coasty, the horror! :D
Bill getting ready to ride.
Erik's rigid singleshizzle. Bill was the only one on gears, again. Muahahahaha.
Real 2.4" tires on wide rims. I think the front wheel weighs more than my whole bike.
Dave and Bill with headlamps blazing.
My bike liked to stand up on it's own in the snow. The trail was great all the way to the bridge with only one icy spot that almost put me on my ass. Studs weren't required but would have been handy in select few spots.
Dave peeing. What else?
Bill headed up the trail.
Erik following.
Then Dave and the Inbred.
View of the city from the last road crossing.
HID blazing away. Erik was nice enough to take a picture of me.
Monocog stands alone again.
Erik, Bill and I at a rest stop.
The Chronus heads upwards.
Bill and the Yeti follow.
Hmm this looks like a nice untracked spot of snow...
Snow Angel!
Erik and Dave down "Green Mountain". Luckily I brought the EOS as Erik's battery died.
Bill rocking the EOS too.
The self portrait. My camera refuses to take pictures into the HID so I had to cover it up.
Can't wait for the next ride. 35 miles and 5k+ vertical feet wrapped up my Wednesday total.


Marni said...

Looks chilly there in your skinny little biker lycra in the snow. I especially appreciate the "dave peeing" picture, my life wasn't quite complete until I had that image in my head.

Cellarrat said...

Golly now you can google "dave peeing"

The horror!

Again such a good ride i wish i was feeling better =)

Erik said...

That ride rocked!

Thanks for bringing the extra light--Apex downhill in complete darkness would have been a bit sketch. :p