Monday, December 11


Nick Martin had a little post about an underground enduro race in Moab. Pretty decent timing for my training in March so I added it to the schedule. I'm hoping it's White Rim but if it's not I'm sure I'll enjoy anyway. I'm planning a White Rim assault on the SS as soon as I can get away from D-town for a weekend. The legs feel really fresh and strong lately and I'm itching to return to the desert.

I also added Leadville to the calendar tonight. It's not guarenteed that I'll (we'll?) get in but here's to positive thinking. I did really enjoy last year's race and now that my demons are exorcised there I can enjoy a different and more relaxing experience in 2007 (hopefully!)

Well I think I've almost shaken this cold and I hope Marni can too. I rode about 41 miles today and got to play with the GPS a little more. Didn't get out Colorado Hills yet which I'm dying to map but hopefully tomorrow. Time is just flying by. This weekend is the last time for a big ride in Colorado for 2006. Holy Crap! I will ring in the new year riding around St. Louis with my dad on the singlespeed. Pretty excited to stomp out a lot of my old trails with these new legs.

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Marni said...

The newly added races look fun. Leadville will be a good time this year and if Mr. Armstrong is really going to be there, I have a plan to flash him something pretty, make him slow down a lot, then you can beat him and I can say I've flashed something special at him. :)