Saturday, December 2

Rules for Snowbiking (pt 2)

Dave came up with some rules for snowbiking after our ride the other night. Tonight I did about 32 miles in just under 5 hours. Marni went out with her friends tonight to Boulder Dinner Theater so I hit the (off)road and did Marshall Mesa and the full Colorado Hills in the snow. Much better riding tonight in terms of snow conditions as I only had to walk a couple hundred yards all night. Onto the rules!

1) When you have to pee really bad and your hands and feet are getting cold your body temperature is dropping. Add a core layer and all should warm back up again like magic.
2) If 1 happens and the solution fails, eat! One cannot be powered for 5 hours on chocolate chocolate chip pancakes alone despite waking at noon thirty.
3) Drink water early and often.
4) Corallary to 3, your camelback hose will freeze on fast downhills if you don't blow the water back into the bladder. Chewing on the hose only works so many times to fix it...
5) Keep your weight back. Dave said it but it bears repeating if you want to ride the deeper, nastier sections.
6) Hollaring "Yo bear!" and "Hey bear!" to yourself will make others look at you strange...if there was anyone else around.
7) Multiple coyotes and owls are surprised to see bikers in the snow and in the dark. Hollaring 6 makes said biker feel better about coyotes.
8) Going fast unknowingly into a big snow drift is a great way to have a hillarious crash.
9) Hot cocoa tastes real good after 5 hours in the cold. Followed by pizza.


Chris said...

Rule #10: Don't come back a Chrisicle. Wifey likes Chris, not so much Chrisicles.

Anonymous said...

stuff you may already know, but-
you can buy a bit of neoprene at the fabic store to insulate your tube, and wearing your pack under your shell helps too