Sunday, December 17


If I was participating in the Winter Ride Challenge Series, which I am not, today's ride would have been something like 520 points. 8.5 hours, cold as hell, singlespeed. Not to say that I didn't enjoy the majority of the 86 miles and 5400+ vertical feet but it capped off a 287 mile week with over 200 miles on the singleshizzle. As such I am tired. And sleepy. And now full of delicous chicken dijonaise (which contains no mayo thank you very much). Soon I will also be full of cake thanks to wifey.

It was quite an interesting day as well. My ride to Hall Ranch was solitary but Bill arrived just as I turned into the parking lot. We had an awesome time riding a deserted trail which is amazing as it's usually a highway. Of course it was pretty rutted as a bunch of arsehole riders couldn't wait until it was dry or wake up early enough to ride it frozen. Nevertheless we had an awesome time and I'll post some pictures when I unpark my ass off the couch and find the camera. After the ride Bill tried to entice me with a ride home but I somehow resisted the warm truck and headed by bike back home. Along the way I ran into another TransIowa rider! Pedala (aka Brian Hannon) caught me on highway 36 on his fixie. When he learned I'd been out since 7:30am he jokingly asked if I was training for TransIowa. I think we were both very surprised when I said "Yes!" He very kindly invited me to his home to warm up a bit, fill my frozen bottle with hot water and eat a loaf of bread and some caramels. Hey food is food when your ride started at dawn and it's now the afternoon and the bread was awesome! After I left his house I headed off to Marshall Mesa and back home. Near the top I caught Debaser from MTBR. We'd read each other's posts before but never met. It was great to put a face to a name but I had to jet pretty quick as the sun was nearing the end of it's day. From there I cruised the new trail at Marshall Mesa and down the Coalton trail into Superior. Up the Wall and down Simms brought me back home and out of the bike duds. Other than a trip to the grocery store and helping cook dinner I've been pretty much sitting on the couch since I got home. Since Marni brought me the camera and cable here are the pictures. Bill has some more on his camera too I think...


Cellarrat said...


Man looks as if there well be 4 Colorado riders... Mabe we should all pitch in and rent an RV?

debaser said...

Good to meet you too!