Tuesday, December 19


Well Doug tagged me so I guess I'll play along. I'm always up for a little diversion from productivity. 5 things you all probably don't know about me...

1) I own a car that has run 12.7 @ 109mph in the quarter mile here in Denver. It's also a 4 cylinder with street tires and no nitrous. It also hasn't run at all in a while now along with our SCCA Street Mod autocross car.
2) Growing up my parents were divorced and I had two houses 5 miles apart. I switched houses pretty much every day to see both my mom and dad. It may be unconventional but it worked out well for our family and probably molded a lot of who I am today.
3) I graduated high school a year early and came to college as a 17 year old studying and graduating in mechanical engineering. Aside from missing out on my senior year of athletics I would do it again in a heartbeat.
4)I joined my high school swim team as a sophomore who didn't know how to swim at all but aspired to start racing triathlons. Two seasons later I swam the 100 yard butterfly in under 60 seconds, swam solid 5:30 500's and we won the Missouri State Boys swim title.
5)My first 100 mile bicycle ride was sub 5 hours. I was training with 2 older Ironman triathletes from St.Louis and they pulled me through the final 20 miles when I was shot. Then we ran 4 miles. I suppose this is how I became a ranked junior with USA Triathlon at one point.

In other news this showed up yesterday night on the porch. Anyone know what they are? Extra bonus points if you can figure out the material and/or manufacturer :)The weatherpeople are predicting anywhere from 3" to 20" of snow for the Denver area by tomorrow night. Marni said Pugsley was giggling in the basement already. If we get 20" of snow I'm building a snowcave and sleeping outside again. Either way I'll ride the Pugs to work and watch my coworkers play around on it in the snow. Should be hillarious. I got a couple nice rides in today on the SS before the snow started too. My rear Racing Ralph is almost dead but somehow I am keeping it alive with Stan's. With 2 sidewall cuts and who-knows-how-many punctures I should let it die. I really do love it here in Colorado though and I'd rather ride than swap tires.Since most of the bike community has already been tagged, I'll spread out the love a little. All you tag-ies, tell us 5 things we don't know about you.


Marni said...

What do we get for bonus points? I'll go look at the little glove thingies and sell the info for a pretty price to those who are in desperate need of "bonus points".

What is that about a snow cave? I can hear your mom now "Chriiiiisssss" :) :) :)

Cellarrat said...

Umm I have no idea what high tech wonder, lightweight mittens those are?

Simmons said...

If you can make a car that fast. I want to see how fast you can make the Pugsley :)

I say they are vapor barrier liner mittens. They look like a light weight fabric that Black Diamond makes their light weight tents out of. EPIC or SilNylon maybe?

Doug said...

I can't tell you what brand, but they look like nylon vapor barrier mitts.

Chris said...

They are mitts but not vapor barrier mitts. The fabric is waterproof and breathable and VB mitts go under insulation which in my case is lobster gloves. These would have to be split fingered which they are not. The hard part is these were a limited production first run and will not be available again until later in 2007 ;) You've seen this material before in tents and jackets but not from Black Diamond.

Weight is under 1 ounce total for both mitts even for my big hands. Muahahahaha!

Becky said...

but they don't match your pretty red racing outfit! What are you going to do?

Cellarrat said...

Are they Go-Lite?

Anonymous said...

I'm not interesting?????
Well, I . . . (brb, I have to go get the "CHRIStmas
presents I'm returning. They're here to pick
them up.)
Ok, where was I now. . .

Chris said...

Not GoLite...Think "Le Monde Monte Carlo Remote Adventure Survival Race of Death"

Mom you are interesting but you need a blog of your own so I can tag you!

Simmons said...

One last guess and then I give up. Ripstop nylon wind layer gloves.

Chris said...

Haha I thought someone would google "Le Monde Monte Carlo Remote Adventure Survival Race of Death".

They are Mountain Laurel Designs EVent mitts. The most waterproof breatheable fabric around in the first 2 layer configuration I've seen yet. They are closed until 2007 but man I can't wait to see what Ron comes out with when they reopen. He makes some *really* cool stuff for hiking/bikepacking.


jsager said...

if they keep your fan-gers warm, I want a pair.

Chris said...

They keep your fingers dry and block the wind which equals warm. They're more breathable than any other fabric so they should minimize any sweat buildup inside the mitt. My hands froze at leadville this year in the 3 hours of rain. Had I had some mitts like these they would have been well worth the extra ounce of weight. I'm looking forward to being able to ride in any weather next year carrying only an extra 11 ounces (6oz jacket, 4 ounce pants and 1 ounce gloves).