Friday, December 1

MWM seeks purple friend for long walks through the winter wonderland

Great snow riding at lunch yesterday. Sunny conditions and perfect snow pack for a nice ride. I was out breaking trail on the back of Colorado Hills.
That is a donut on a Pugsley although I'm not sure it shows up well. At least the scenery is pretty.
Fresh tracks.
The hikers were following my line from yesterday around the "trail". There really is no trail in the snow on this side of the park as it's impossible to find.
That is a size 46 Sidi inside a thick neoprene bootie. Yes they are wide.

After work Dave and I drove up to Evergreen for a bigger snow ride challenge. We hit up Elk Meadow in the dark with darn gusty winds and 8" of snow before drifts. I think it's fair to say that Mother Nature kicked our asses. We didn't give up but it took us around 2 hours to cover ~3.5 miles before we happily refound the car and drove into Evergreen for some Mexican. Thanks for dinner and the nice walk Dave, haha :) I did learn a few snow riding techniques on the Pugs and got to slide/surf down a few fun downhills but overall we both still walked a ton of the ride. Well I've got to go air the tires back up for the ride to work and get out of here. Next week is a rest week and I think Marni and I are both ready.


Anonymous said...

That was a good time I think =)

my legs hurt! I very good time. Thanks

Bill said...

nice dude. long live silly application specific bikes.

Marni said...

Haha, I like your title the best (although it took me a pathetic hour to figure out what MWM meant -- I need to shop around on dating sights more often, I'm losing my touch). You take the greatest pictures, you should seriously pursue my dream of being a photographer. Then I can live vicariously through you!

Anonymous said...

I also have to add that I've been spending a sad amount of time figuring out why you would bring a donut on your lunch ride and why you'd take a picture of it on your seat and why I was having such a hard time seeing a tasty donut in your picture. DUH! Man I need a weekend...

Your dumb blondish wifey

Todd Plesko said...


MWM -- Marni's White Male


MWM -- Mad White Male

Chris said...

Married White Male would be the boring correct answer.

I would prefer

Magnificent Winning Machine

but that would require me to actually win a race in recent history.