Monday, January 21


This should be a post about playing in the cold, instead I have a cold and so does poor wifey. Most of my time the past few days has been spent on the couch, idly playing Wii or reading polar, sea and mountaineering expedition reports from the past year. Of course that didn't stop me from heading out to Rollinsville with Mr.Nice for a short bit of snow and cold weather riding on Saturday. But when ignoring my cold failed to cause improvement in the usual timely fashion, I parked my butt on the couch and worked on my rest and hydration training. Still Saturday's riding for me revealed that the big pieces of the winter puzzle are working and that improvements are needed incrementally rather than a wholesale reevaluation of the system.
I really like this picture. Inside my multi piece headgear system is a warm, calm micro climate where I can see and breathe without concern to the nasty winds blowing all around me. More than once I would just stand in the sun in the middle of the road and watch the wind rage all around me, perfectly comfortable and smiling. I'm wearing: LG powercap under a pearl izumi light stretchy balaclava lest the powercap blow away again(!) and tucked under my baselayer for a leak free seal, a neoprene face mask with nose and mouth breathing holes that seem to minimize any fogging and clear Smith goggles so I can actually see without wind blown snow constantly stinging my eyes. I have an extra fleece ear band and several hoods not shown but those are not likely to be used when moving at any reasonable pace.
Epic Eric's sweet sweet poggies, my sleeping bag (and bivy if carried) and a 1L thermo resting up front. Snacks and gloves are stashed in the poggies as well for quick deployment lest I have to take my liner glove only hands out of their warm and comfy home.
Much of the road was so windblown it was bare.
Yep that's why. Dave is somewhere back that way trying to remain upright in the wind. I once ended up turning around 180deg while trying to tack into the wind but luckily I never hit terra firma myself.
I didn't get much beyond this point this trip but I did spend a short time scouting beyond the snow pile. It looks promising enough that I'm still entertaining a return trip although I might pedal the ~40 mile/3500ft approach from home just to make sure the effort isn't wasted if I end up hiking much of the "ride" after this point. Rollins Pass in winter with a bike is still definitely on my "tick list."
As for the other cold, it seems to be on the mend. Time for more healing zzz's so if I'm lucky I can get off the couch and back on the bike tomorrow. Dec and Jan have been solid if not slightly less crazy than last year but my form seems decent and I'm full of motivation and energy. Getting sick is rare for me so I'll just enjoy the days spent inside with Marni and be back out in winter in no time.


Cellarrat said...

Get better! that wind blown pic is the best at showing the ride on sat!

Marni said...

Glad you are feeling a little better today. Sorry you didn't get in your fun snow adventure this weekend. I loved getting to hang out with you though!

Doug said...

Isn't riding in the snow fun?!! Hope you shake the cold. I dodged a bullet last week when I felt like I was getting a cold. This time it never quite took hold!