Thursday, January 24

I shall call him, Fileepoh, the mini wolf

Two posts in one day, wah what what what? I must be riding well again.
I forgot to mention that last night I saw the pack of three coyotes for the third time. I'm not sure if we just roam the same territory but it's fun to have their company at night. This time one stopped just 10 feet from me, likely because we were separated by a fence. Usually they keep their distance. I was reminded of last night by running into a solo coyote today which Marni has named Fileepoh (because his parents wanted him to be different). Funny.

Temperatures were a balmy mid-30s today and I was dressed too warm for my lunch ride. The year continues on an upward swing in temperature, daylight and energy and I'm looking forward to heading to Leadville this weekend. A part of me wants to be headed to the big desert with the APC crew but it's not in the cards. Too much solo driving and gas for too few days of fun. Arizona is pulling me strongly though and I may be out there sooner rather than later. I guess we'll know for sure in the next few months won't we? I appreciate the offer of transport in that instance DC.
Tomorrow is Friday, gateway to the weekend and it always goes quickly. Fueled by my day of allowed coffee and sugar I can never seem to get everything done before the weekend is here. Bed!


Marni said...

Hehe, say hi to Fileepoh for me!

Dave said...

Things look good and sunny in your hood, enjoy!