Friday, January 25

Wind Tunnel

As discussed with the Daves at camp, I live in a wind tunnel. I live just east of Hwy 93 where 100 mph winds are not uncommon. Today was one of those days where I don't realize quite how windy it is until I turn around and get instantly spun out on the SS and it was just an average winter/spring day. Luckily I've got plenty of hills to throw into the mix to keep the RPMs down and on dirt there are no cars to worry about blowing in front of. My limit on the pavement is 45mph gusts, above which I get blown off my bike climbing the main hill that leads from my house towards most of my major routes.

Usually I'm pretty good about embracing the wind and it's nice training effect but I do get fed up now and then. I will say TransIowa winds don't scare me and that I'm glad our house is protected so I don't have to re-hang my fence multiple times a year like some of the people in my neighborhood!


Jeff Kerkove said...

I would say after living in Iowa for 29 years......the winds in the CO front range are equal...if not worse on some days.

Matt McFee said...

I couldn't live in the front range if my life depended on it...I HATE wind!!!