Thursday, January 24

On the mend

Kick that red St.George dirt off the shoes, I'm going riding.
While Marni was still getting over our joint sickness I moved beyond the "sit on the couch" point into the "do stuff" point. Tuesday I got back on the road bike trying to keep it easy but ended up having a very productive day of riding and feeling better. Yesterday I made no attempt to veil my enthusiasm and ripped it for 4 hours after work in the dark despite temperatures in the low teens. I thought about bringing the camera but it was dark the majority of my ride and you guys can only look at so many deer in the headlights self portraits before you stop reading my blog. I hit up almost everything on the dirty Bismark as well as some extra credit around Marshall Mesa. There are a few big, no make that huge, snow drifts but it's all wind hammered and hard enough to ride on. As long as the temperatures stay cool it's not muddy at all and a majority of the trail is totally dry. Plus somehow the sun is sneaking around on me and I didn't fire up the headlamp until almost 6pm last night, sweet!Here is a little profile to make up for my blatent lack of any cool pictures.

This Saturday I'm headed up to Leadville for the first round of the Leadville Winter MTB series. Sunday some good enduro riding seems to be brewing with Shawn and Dan. It's nice to be feeling better again and also to be riding dirt in some form here in the Front Range.

P.S. Get better Dave, sorry if I gave you the cold too :(


Cellarrat said...

light years better today! I'm good to go for sat. Still haven't heard from cat. So may have to still hit you up for ride to PB ville.

I'll give you a call tonight.

Dave Harris said...

So here's a list of who got sick after camp Lynda:

Dave N
Chris P

Hmmm....musta been the iceberg!

Cellarrat said...

Dave I think it was those shady folks from AZ!

Joel White said...

Kind of demoralizing to us mere mortals when your "ease back into it" rides are 4+ hours.

My long rides are not even 3 hours right now.

Chris said...

I said I'd try to take it easy, not that I succeeded! :P