Saturday, January 5

Snow makes smiles

Lots of snow riding the past few weeks trying to make sure all my gear is up for the Togwatee and most of it has been in the predawn hours when the temps are the coldest I can find near my house. So far the best I've been able to do is -5F but that was only one short ride to work. As soon as the sun comes up the temps skyrocket into the 20s (haha I know).Lots of starry sky's to look at though.
Pugs has been doing me no wrong so I even made him a little lighter for now.
I have big feet, we'll see if that becomes an extreme cold weather problem.
Eventually work and dawn calls so I aired up my tires again and met Marni for our Friday date before rolling to the office.
Warming up among the gawkers.
Another day I met up with Dave and Shawn for some good old everywhere rambling.
Snow capped mountains and I-70. Luckily the latter is only a couple minutes out of any ride.
This guy was cool!
Lunch of champions.
Fudge not pictured.
Snow surfing down Apex.
Fat 29er tires.
Skinny tires.

Cheater tires.
Dorky guy.
Apex with no people. Brilliant!
The sun begins to set, time to head towards home.
Rolling the road. Chasing roadies is fun on Endos.
Christmas day, another storm.
Load up the gear, go test.
It was colder and blowing hard this morning. Just me and the plows and then just me.
Landshark, landshark.
More testing to come once I return from STL, then Camp Lynda, then the race!


Marni said...

I like that dorky guy.


Dave said...

36" cooker unicycle!!!