Sunday, January 27


Way random day but I spent 110% of the daylight hours on a bike or doing bike related socializing. Started off at the Salvagetti breakfast ride after doing some minimal clothing low temperature related testing on the ride over from home. That means I froze my ass off because I didn't want to carry a pack but not too bad. Big group for the breakfast ride including Bill, Nicolette, Dave, Shawn and Rob plus a lot of people I met for the first time.
Breakfast at Snooze. I had a flight of pancakes and hot cocoa (remember the freezing part?) but I don't think there was a bad thing on the breakfast menu.
Definitely huge burritos. Dave cleaned his plate as always.
Shawn and Rob enjoying their flight of pancakes and speciality butter as well.
After the ride we cruised the city for a while working back north. Pretty sweet sign.
Pretty sweet outfit. This was not the only shirtless old man I saw today. Seriously people, it's 50, not 90.
Mr.Eagle watching over us on the South Platte.
Dave and I cruised north together for a while before we parted ways. I headed northeast up Riverdale to Brighton before heading home in a roundabout fashion, ticking 100 miles along the way. Dave headed south to Golden and Morrison hitting his century+ as well. Now I'm sleepy and going to go get some well deserved sleep tonight after a very good week on the bike. Tomorrow will be an easy AR day on the road and catch up on a bunch of other outstanding items.


Mary Collier said...

Sounds like a day well spent to me!

Roman Holiday said...

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Marni said...

Sounds fun! Sorry I wasn't there to eat those delicious pancakes!