Monday, January 7

I'm giving up and going to bed

Tomorrow I will spend more money and try something else. I think this is the first time I ever got my ass kicked trying to pack. Sigh. The night wasn't a total loss but not quite what I planned...


Cellarrat said...

couldn't fit your sleeping bag in your new stuff each either?


Thanks for coming out to dinner

Chris said...

Yea that was one of several failures. I could get it in but not easily. Guess I do need the large. Oh well, the medium actually worked great for my jackets, pot, stove and fuel. I just think I'm going to get a front rack to mount it all on after wrestling with it on the handlebars and not coming up with any satisfactory solution.

Thanks for dinner!

Jill said...

I have no idea what your packing style is ... but I am a huge proponent of frame bags.

Big stuff sacks seem to be worth their extra weight, too. I'm still packing my back rack with just the sleeping bag because I hate to have to swing my legs over a big pile of stuff. But I figure I can do that, will all of my extra clothing in a stuff sack hanging off the handlebars, and all of my food/stove/bivy/pad/misc./in the frame bag, and go winter camping for several days without any stopovers or drops. I've only packed the stuff sack on the handlebars once, but it doesn't seem to affect the handling at all. Clothing is pretty light.

Water still goes on my back. I don't know about you, but I haven't come up with any good way to keep bottles from freezing.

Good luck with it all.

Doug said...

I've never been good at packing light. And when I have cold hands I like to have things accessible. A few medium stuff stacks rather than everything in one big one. I went with a front and rear rack right from the beginning. Just remember, if it's hard to pack up with warm hands while inside a warm house, it will be ten times harder outside with cold hands.

Chris said...

Yea Doug good call. I can get my sleeping bag in the med stuff sack but it's way too much work. I"m going to size up so it goes in easier.

Jill, I'm totally with you on frame bags but I don't have a good one for the Pugs. Since it will be leaving to make room for a different snow bike I didn't want to spend the money on one just to resell it again right away. So I'm going to try to make due with my small summer frame bag and stuff sacks on the front and rear racks.

The best way I've found to keep water from freezing is using the vac thermos. A little heavy but at least you have water.