Saturday, January 26

Leadville Winter MTB #1: Playing on the Pugsley

This morning Dave, Marni and I headed up to PbVille for some snow racin'. The weather was fabulous and I was overdressed in what you see below, except for when I rode or crashed off the trail in the bottomless snow.
Dave getting ready with Jeny and EdE hiding there.
The group was almost 25 strong at the start.
TomP is hiding in there as well as Eben and Cole plus tons of really cool other people I got to meet.
While we raced Marni did some extreme knitting ;)
I finished 2nd overall behind local Mark in 1:16:xx for 10 miles. The course was tons of fun and lots (~1700ft) of climbing. The Pugs was a big hit as usual and Eric's poggies got a ton of interest and compliments as well.
EdE all done.
I-9's? ;)
Post race idle chatter.
Jeny coasting in on a munched rear mech...
Dave on the Endo shod snow fixie
Great day, must do it again soon. The high mountains are so pretty in the winter.


Cellarrat said...

wasss niiicceee! sexy time in the snow!

yup gots to do more of that!

Doug said...

Looks like a great time. I really like the Epic pogies. Eric is making some nice stuff.

Marni said...

Great job on your second place! Not too shabby for your first snow race! I'm very proud of you.

JenyJo said...

nice job, yo! awesome to see you and MissMarni.... let's get her out for the night right, eh?!?!?


Anonymous said...

write up in my local paper