Monday, August 18

Bike Commuter

We've been a single car household for quite a while now but between gas prices and Marni's stop and go commute, I think she's finally had enough. This morning we headed out early and rode together to her school. Will this be the beginning of the end of either of us using a car to commute? She'll be a beast next season if she rides to work everyday!
Heading out of the subdivision.
Others commute around here too although at 15 miles one way, Marni has a longer haul than most.
Train! I had scouted the route for her before but never this early. Luckily it's not a long one.
Once we get past I-70, the route is quite nice side streets, many with bike lanes or as designated bike routes.
Heeeere we are at her school.

After I dropped her off I headed home with a quick stop for some fresh veggies at Safeway. Now time to have our demo dog (we're dog sitting for my brother and sister in law) picked up. Then I've got some work to do here from the house and later I'll probably head down early to pick Marni up and get some training in around Golden. She doesn't quite know the route perfectly yet and I found a little better one on the way home too.
Yes that's snow on Longs Peak. Apparently the upper elevations of RMNP got 6"-12" of snow this weekend. Ah well, it will be gone soon but after a little indian summer I'm looking forward to more snow on the big peaks. Edit: Make that 2-3 FEET in the Boulderfield! :o


Dave said...

Yo! Send some of that cold weather up here!!

Doug said...

Yay for Marni commuting to work by bicycle! I hope she discovers it's a much funner way to commute than driving.

Marni said...

Thanks for being my escort :D 'Twill be quite the adventure!