Thursday, August 28

Important links

Griz posted this one yesterday, the U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library. You owe it to yourself to check these out. Here is a very small sample of my favorites so far and all on my to do list. I do warn you, hours can disappear here and there's a great search function.
Photo from 1932 - Lizard Head - 13,156ft in the San Juans.

Really cool 1873 exploration survey of Longs Peak.

Denali circa 1919

Also Eric and Dylan are trying to bike the Lost Coast. Follow the expedition here. Way past certifiably bad ass. Jill is maintaining the commentary and sat phone call ins. Pictures stolen from their blog.Dylan packrafting with bike

Hubbard Glacier

With pictures from link one and explorers from link two, how can you not be excited about adventure travel? Mind bottling...

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