Thursday, August 21

Less serious

The last two posts have been a little serious for my tastes so today is going to be pictures from this week's riding. Tuesday's climb leads to a little peak of the big mountains when it tops out around 8500 ft. I see you!
Last night we rode Chimney Gulch and Apex. Our starting group of Erik, Brett, Marni and I added Matt, JimB and Steven as we climbed.
We had a regular party at the windy saddle but we had to keep moving to beat darkness.
Sun says bye bye much earlier these days, summer is waning.
This little guy was not eager to get off the trail and was quite irritated with us so we actually had to bushwhack around him! Quite a bit of fun riding this week already and now I'm off to figure out where to ride today. Tonight will be early to bed to rest up for this weekend's XC racing. Marni has 2 races to go in the WP series (next 2 weekends) and she's doing really well in the Sport womens field so I'm excited to go support her in finishing off the series strong.

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