Tuesday, August 19

Good luck!

Wifey's first day with her full new kinder class is today. I was helping out in her room yesterday evening and I wish I could go back to being in kindergarten! It looks like lots of fun.
This morning I made some breakfast and had my tea. The eating healthy plan is going pretty well, I'm running out of veggies every day or two, and the results are positive. Marni did make some fresh Snickerdoodles which are oh so tempting to eat every time I walk past them
I've also got the AA charger working hard. I was a little sick of throwing away batteries not to mention the negative environmental impact of doing that so I'm trying to use rechargables as much as possible.
Tonight is the JeffCo Open Space Public Forum. I'll be home past my bedtime I'm sure but bikers need to show up and at the very least make our presence known. Helpful and intelligent comments are even better. If you ride JeffCo MTB trails you owe it to yourself and your riding partners to put your body in the room and show JeffCo how many people ride on their (awesome) trail system. Boulder's rules and trails are severely lacking by comparison but the summer crackdown that's pretty much singling out bikers is disconcerting even to me. Alright time to take Turbs out and then off on the bike.

Do You Ride A Mountain Bike in Jefferson County?

Invites You To An Open Space Trails Public Forum!
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
7 – 9 pm
Jefferson County Administration and Court Building
100 Jefferson County Parkway Golden 80401

Music: The Postal Service - Brand New Colony


Vito said...

I have my classroom all set up and ready to go.

One week of freedom to log miles when I want. Starting next week it will be tough aside from the miles I log commuting.

Lummox said...

something about a classroom, first day of school...Look fwd to the report on Jeffco..