Monday, August 18

Lookout Mtn

Yesterday Marni and I rode Lookout Mountain from our house. It's a little over 3 hours, 44 miles and 3k feet of climbing.
Now that she did so well, that's one more climb where the car will have to stay home.
She went up pretty quick too, her second fastest time ever and fastest non-race time.
The climb is about 4.5 miles and 1400 vertical feet, 20 to 30 minutes for most people.

Plus it's got cool views of Denver and Golden plus all the paragliders.
Hmmm rare does a flat tire's cause present itself so easily.
Some minor CO2 drama and we were on our way home.
She looks too happy huh? :)
Big thanks to Darn Tough socks BTW. I did manage to kill a pair of their socks and true to their warranty they shipped another pair right out. Nice to have that kind of service and great sock to boot.

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