Wednesday, August 13

Real Life

Today wifey went back to work although her new class of kiddos doesn't start until Monday. What it means for us is that our string of perpetual Saturdays must come to an end. It's not all bad though, work means routine and productivity which are Good Things (tm). Healthy eating is returning as my CTR recovery progresses and lots of new things are coming down the pipe.

While it seems like we're abruptly back to the real world today, I don't regret this summer one bit. Never have either of us lived life to the fullest as we did in summer 2008. Travel, racing, climbing mountains and just being together. We pushed each others limits and lived up the recovery on the couch. It was absolutely amazing.

For now I've got to establish my own new "real life" but don't fret, summer 2009 will be here before I know it so I'm going to enjoy fall, winter and spring to the fullest as well. I'm off to go help Marni move furniture in her classroom and then ride with the gang. At least a regular routine should lead to improved blogging...CTR trip report coming soon.

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Marni said...

Sad to see the Saturdays go, but thanks for the best summer ever!

And thanks for helping me with my classroom :)