Wednesday, December 26

More snow

Snowed a good 6"+ yesterday with more on the way tonight and tomorrow. The snow cave pile is almost ready and my cheeks froze on the way to work so it must have been in the single digits. Last night I made some changes to the Pugs that involved taking the tires off the rims. Glad I practiced that and figured out the secrets or I would have died if it was -50F outside. I'm going to practice a few more times soon just so I can do it as fast as possible.

Seriously I have a good update and pictures in me somewhere. Got a sweet new GPS for Christmas from Marni among other great presents. I'm definitely a lucky boy. Also got a Wii which has been really fun to battle wifey with. I capped off the best 8 days of riding I've had in a long time with a 45 mile ramble on Christmas Eve with Marni as well. Got some rest yesterday and tonight I'll probably go bash around in all this snow on Pugs. Friday night we'll head off to STL for a week to visit my family and then it will be time for Camp Lynda almost. Woohoo!

Merry Christmas to all!

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Anonymous said...

insane. glad you have been getting some good riding in