Tuesday, December 11

Snow for Snacks

Lots of fun playing in the snow lately. We've had a foot or so fall over the past week and a half I think. The high country finally got hammered so I'm hoping the snowmobilers are out and packing down the trails. Got a few areas in mind for Dave and I to check out soon. If I'm right it will unleash a whole new playground of winter riding within a reasonable distance of the house.
Today was just a nice lunch ride. Fresh tracks almost everywhere and I have more areas I ran out of time to hit. Tomorrow I'm going to try to ride on the beach.
I tried to take cool pictures but I don't know if I was successful so I just posted them all anyway.
20 deg is hot when you're fighting your fatbike up a hill in pedal deep snow! The balaclava got stuffed down my shirt for storage. I want to head out longer soon so I can play with tire pressures. I needed to drop them today but it didn't make sense for such a short ride so I walked a couple short sections instead and had one funny powder crash.
Tonight I spent a good bit of time finalizing the RATM jersey logos with Scott (who has done almost all the work) and Bill, plus I'm now scrambling to finish a quick project with sister for an upcoming venture. I am retiring to bed now with the computer to spend more time with photoshop and an EPS conversion tool. More snow riding tomorrow!

Oh yea, I finally got called for jury duty in January after living here for 8 years. I was wondering when that would happen.

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Unknown said...


Can't wait to see what you cooking =)

for the snow bike training

UltraRob said...

I've lived here all my life and have been eligible for jury duty for 18 years. Finally got called a year ago and ended up on a case for 2 weeks. At least it wasn't a gory criminal case but a homeowner suing over mold in their basement. We should have had our geotechnical degrees by the end of it.

Dave said...

Viva la Pugsley!

The snow riding is getting good here now. Togwotee Lodge has been grooming trails all week and I hope to get up there this weekend.