Tuesday, September 11


Weekend plans got cancelled, bummed. Work is non-thrilling, blah. Can you tell where my head is by my screen saver? I've had expedition type trips on my mind but without one on the horizon it's a little hard to find the motivation to follow through with the (master) "plan". However the "plan" is going exceedingly well despite it's non-excitement. The coffers are being stuffed and the garage and shed are being emptied. Just got to keep on trucking along for the time being. Moab will be a welcome relief from my lack of vacation days and a great time with my family and friends. Marni is already helping me plot some training weekends too. I think a few nights sleeping in the dirt will help the cause and we're also taking Turbo up Culebra in a rare dog friendly day on the mountain. Time to work on the MC training program aka off to DQ.

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Marni said...

What does it mean by the "coffers are being stuffed"?? -- does that mean something to the respect that you may "stuff" me for coughing so much and keeping us from your fun race this weekend? Eeek. A large stuffed Marni might be kind of frightening. MMm, DQ.