Thursday, September 27

What kind of bike is that?

The Pugsley informational tour started last night at Green Mountain. We had a small group but it's hard to go unnoticed when 2 riders out of 4 are sporting bikes with Endomorphs. Marni was probably wishing she was riding a fatty. Her 2.25" tires looked tiny.
Dave showing off the fixie fatty wheelie skills. Say that 5 times fast!
Truesdale coming out again for more dirt action. With 55 Watts on his helmet and the same at his rear wheel, would it be enough?
We wound our way around the lower trails from Rooney Road and weaved in and out of the trail runners and dog walkers. The fat bikes got lots of looks, stares and questions. As the sun's light diminished so did the number of people on the trail.
Darkness saw Dave turning around to attend to some mechanical details on his bike while the group of 3 continued on. I led up and climb and had a bit of a gap at the top so I posed fatty #1 for some pictures with the nearly full moon in the background.
Then Marni came up to join the picture party.
I had to stand by my steed since I'm never in any pictures myself other than the self portrait shots.
Whee. Riding fatties is fun! Haha.
Soon we headed down although we almost didn't want to since it was a beautiful night and the moon and city below made for a cool view. Marni and I flipped on our "freakin midnight sun monster zillion candlepower nuclear fusion bomb flood light(s)" and followed Truesdale. I declared this the easier way down, apparently that angered the trail gods. I reached up to futz with my light angle and next thing I knew I was laying on my back hoping the Pugs didn't come tumbling on top of me. Luckily I wasn't hurt, just a minor bang on my elbow, some prickers in my clothes and wounded pride. Steven was next when my lights washed his out in a corner and wicked shadows found him lying in the dirt. Luckily he was okay too because "skin grows back, jerseys don't." Marni was the only one to keep it on two wheels all night, hmmm maybe she's onto something.
Soon we arrived back at the car, a nice little 10 mile ride completed. Said hi to Hillary and a few of her friends about to head out on their own little night ride. The Pugs also got some test rides to admire it's wonderful squishyness. Truesdale had to free the babysitter but Dave treated Marni and I to some delicious dinner after we dropped him off at the distillery, thanks! I'm not quite sure where the rest of the crew was, Scott and Mike are on injured reserve but the rest have no excuse :) Get out and ride if you don't want to be slow in the spring!

Tonight I've got some more errands to run and if I'm lucky I'll get up to join Dave and DP for a ride in Ned. Tomorrow night Marni, Turbo and I are off for a Saturday morning hike of Culebra baring any weather catastrophes and then have to drive back for dinner at Betsy's parents on Saturday night. Sunday will be a long ride of some sort and maybe a cross race if I can get my ducks in a row.


Marni said...

That pictures sorta makes me look like a fatty -- does that count? :)

Also, did you notice that the large laser beam on your head is actually larger than the enormous full moon in that picture? Sweeeeeet.

thanks for the fun ride!

Cellarrat said...

always a good time sorry you missed me and the other Dave

Dave Harris said...

The pugs looks fun but 36 lbs of bike before snow makes it necessary? At least you will have no trouble with the sand in Moab ;)