Monday, September 24

Tour de Front Range Pictures

No predawn pictures, it being dark and all. I rocked the knee warmers and had the hood up on the windshirt until the sun came out. Burrr chilly. Pack is the Nathan 759. Dinotte 600L on the handlebars.
This was my first time up to this particular trailhead and it was beautiful out.
Probably the picture of the day, thank goodness for accidents.
Lots of trail signs to come...
Heading out on White Ranch. Bill behind me who kicked major ass all day. Still smiling.
Saw this on Rawhide. Definitely not lightweight backpacking. My body hurt just rolling by these poor little Boy Scouts :(
My my it's a pretty day.
Climbing done, time to descend and wind down the mountain. Rather rinse repeat all day long.
From the top of Morrison Slide looking out over Dakota and Green Mountain.
Another different landscape.
Still smiling but man it was HOT. Poor man's AC was in effect and GL style shade breaks happening as well.
Finally descending the wonderfully flowy Lair o' the Bear.
Just a little more climbing.
This one is for Scott entitled "Shattered on the side of the trail holding a Clif Bar."
Little TopoFusion track.
The profile of a 15 hour day. Fun in the sun!


Wifey said...

Congrats on your big hard ride and congrats to all who finished. You = rock star.

Scott said...

Ahh yes, shattered on the side of the trail holding a Clif bar... my favorite saying, I might have to change my blog name to that... :) Thanks for thinking of me!