Thursday, September 20

Fuel Ride

Wow it was sunny and hot today, perfect to get out on the Fuel for the first time in a while despite scraping the bottom of the barrel in clothing options. Almost everything was in the wash but I suppose that's a good sign. I hammered out an interval set around my own little private singletrack and felt great. The usual first day transition from the rigid SS to my full squish gearie was apparent but after a few tweaks of the tire and shock pressures, a quick adjustment of the handlebar controls and a little seat time it was as comfortable as always. The weekend is looking to be determined by the weather leading me towards the Tour de Front Range here in town instead of heading to the White Rim in Moab. I've got a purpose for the big ride this weekend so I'm not quite willing to risk 12 hours of driving on a bust. As usual I'll be throwing a little extra into the TdFR. Can't make it too easy since it will be my first time riding it with gears. Gasp.

In other cycling related news, I choose to report that TwinSix has some hot new clothes instead of posting the big but not completely shocking news listed elsewhere. Looking forward to a lot of riding this weekend, wherever it is.

Lots of luck to Dave and Dave at their respective races this weekend. Kick some ass boys, can't wait to hear the tale! Great job to the other Dave on his excellent result! And now for some bike porn...