Sunday, September 16

Good riding

Yesterday Erik and I got out on a nice road ride up to Peak to Peak highway via "Super Jamestown". Lots of climbing heavily loaded onto the front half once Erik and I left US 36.
Beautiful views and some good dirt riding made it worth it though. The trees are getting ready to change.
I also learned about the hidden spare parts stash. Seems to be for community use if you need the stuff. Anyone know the history?
The climbing loop was great and soon we ripped it down from Ward on a strangely car free road. I headed back towards home, just far enough to get my September century in. My legs were cashed out and Marni had dinner ready when I walked in the door. Can't get any better than that! Today I've got a bit of a headache and don't feel great so I bailed on Dave (sorry!) and slept in. I've been running errands with wifey and talking care of house stuff, hopefully if I feel better tonight I'll get a little spin in. Even with Friday and Saturday I got some really solid riding in this week and things are progressing nicely for Moab preparations. Sounds like we're headed out there on Thursday with my dad and Marni so we can all get to do some preriding of the course. Fun!
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