Wednesday, September 26


Work has sucked the last 2 days and cut into my desired riding time. I guess I'm paying for my Monday fun, oh well. My saving grace is that the Pugsley is built back up and I'm riding it today. While I didn't get a fun ride in at lunch, at least I got to take it on an errand run to FedEX and the post office. It's impossible to NOT smile riding this thing. Oh yea, it's also impossible not to draw a ton of attention to yourself.

I have Mr.Nice to thank for it too. He got his new fixed snow bike up and running so I had to put mine back together to join in the fun. His weighs 34lbs to my 36lbs but we both have plenty of places to trim weight. Right now mine is a hack and a half since I had stolen parts off it to get other bikes running but I didn't care and just wanted to get it rideable. I'm going to ride it once or twice a week starting now to get ready for the snow races, about which I still need to make up my mind as to which ones I'm entering. Along the way I'll be lightening it up and tweeking the position since last year I just rode it and ignored any sort of proper bike fit.

Tonight we'll be at Green Mountain at 6pm with the crew. Come on over to the Rooney Road lot if you want to try a fatbike or just have a nice social ride!


Doug said...

Seeing Jill get her fat bike has me motivated to get mine back out there. I, too, hope to get in a couple of days a week on it once it's up and running. It really does put a smile on your face, even a little giggle now and them!!

Dave Byers said...

It's contagious! I got Michelle's 16" Pugs down from the loft storage yesterday and plan to grease the hubs on mine this week so it is ready to go.