Saturday, September 29

Dodging weather

Friday led to changed plans, a gamble and some weather dodging. Basically Marni and I stayed in town and celebrated her first DPS paycheck while letting the brunt of the storms blow through Colorado yesterday and today. This morning I got out on a big dawn ride, also storm dodging up Peak to Peak highway and really enjoying myself. The fall colors were hit and miss but some areas were really wonderful. Things feel right when a 6 hour ride is no big deal. I also stopped by the Boulder Cross scene but only Mike B was around, just finished with his 35+, Cat 4 race. While napping this afternoon we heard a phone message that the group didn't summit today, leaving time for us to join them for another summit bid.

Now we're off to run for the border (almost, 9 miles from NM) after dinner with some family. Tomorrow we're hoping the winds die off early and Marni, Turbo and I can make the summit of Culebra together. It will be #9 for us and #7 for Turbo if we're successful. Time to run the last minute errands!

I rode most of the uphill today like this. Haha.

Proscribed burn at Betasso.

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