Thursday, September 20

Hopefully I'm a better mechanic than a photographer

Tonight the small group of Marni, Erik, Truesdale and I hit up Marshall Mesa. Close and offering good riding with minimal darkness hassles we had a good time and knocked out almost 20 miles. Here are pictures of me poorly capturing that good time. Dusty Erik post crash/tipover.Here is the group stopping on the way back up the hill. Notice how I've excellently avoided having anyone actually look at the camera in any way.
Here is Marni's testing one half of the uberlights.
Here is the front shot. I'm now blind however and almost crash off the trail.
Here is Marni and Truesdale. Really they're there. Right under those 2 bright dots.
So the photography was a bust but hey, it's my blog so I can post the poorly shot pictures anyway. I blame the camera. Seems easy enough, it can't talk back. If you'll notice the time I'm probably loopy as well. The ride was fun as previously mentioned and my legs felt crazy good despite yesterday's interval work. I sort of forgot I was riding a singlespeed at all. The new lights proved amazing once again allowing me to fully attack the trail at will and any chosen speed. Erik and Truesdale were surely impressed when I wasn't blinding them by not turning them off at stops.

After the ride Marni and I were rebuffed for dinner twice before finally settling on Qdoba. I answered a bunch of inane questions by email and then set out to finish building my Fuel back up for whatever riding takes place this weekend. Several more hours later it's done, adjusted, tuned, lubed, cleaned and admired. Tomorrow I'll actually ride it and see if it works. Other than a few new parts (like cables, housing, chain, etc) before Moab, hopefully it's all ready and the major crash damage repaired. Okay it's way past my bedtime, I'm out.

Edit: Oh yea, I finally put warranty swing arm #3 on. I'm taking bets on how long it lasts before I take it in broken to the Trek dealer again. All bolts torqued to spec too. Good thing I have a backup carbon one now.


Marni said...

I give it until October 20th -- that's my official bet and if there is a good prize, I will probably rig the contest while you are out on a lap in Moab. Muahahaha.

Cellarrat said...

Don't wanna jinx that bike....

iT well be fine, front triangle though =P