Monday, September 24


This afternoon I got to pretend to be a bike messenger for work. I needed a cartridge for my 3D printer and no one wanted to drive up and get it. Fine with me! I'll happily take a nice ride up to Boulder and back any time they want.It was rainy, cloudy and fallish all day. There was even some pseudo snow on the ground and rooftops but it was really just hail from the morning storms. Real snow was coming down as low as 8k feet though.It felt good riding in the cool air and even the occasional bit of rain didn't melt my good mood. I think I took a real liking to cold weather riding this past winter and it's not soon to fade away. This evening I boxed and shipped out more packages. It seems like a never ending job but at least the money can help pay for the $430 hospital bill that showed up today. Grand. More wonderful bike riding tomorrow although probably after work.

And now for your moment of zen...


wifey said...

Wow, that's one goooood lookin family. Lucky you getting paid to ride to Boulder!

Anonymous said...

I like the look!!!!