Thursday, September 6


After a few days of a sick wife and my mom and sis in town not to mention working a bit more than I planned and shipping 90 million parts all around the country, I'm finally getting back into the groove. Last night I had a good solid ride working on one of my newly determined weaknesses. I've identified 2 areas that I really need to work on leading up to Moab and this winter overall that I think are going to make a big difference, especially in my offroad riding. Last night I hit most of my favorite areas. They're regravelling one road which sucked but that will only last a week or two at most. Mostly it was an enjoyable ride until dark just going whereever my legs led me and stomping out some hills.
From here on out everything will be ramping up to Moab. In some ways I'm really looking forward to winter but I'm still itching to race at least one more time before the off season drought begins. So many long rides still, so little time before the snow begins to really stick in the high country.
Good luck to all the VaporTrail riders this weekend. Looks like a great time. One of these years...

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