Sunday, September 12

I grow!

I kept thinking that I updated the blog but today I realized I only updated the Facebook pictures. A lot happens in a few days of baby time! Little guy likes his mini baths and today we'll give him a real one for the first time.
Turbo makes sure to keep a close eye on him.
He's been a lot more awake now that he's growing. A few days of a little less sleep during his growth spurt but the last two nights he's back to doing pretty well. Plus he's sleeping in his crib for some of his day time naps.
He makes lot of cute faces.
And Turbo is getting more used to him. He still checks on all crying activity.
Marni is doing great and starting to feel better. She's taken Turbo and JJ for a couple walks when I've been out of the house.
On Thursday JJ had his first doctor's appointment. Mostly he liked it except for the whole getting naked and weighed part. Burrr!
He's growing great though, from his low point of 7lbs 2oz to 8lbs 9.5oz in a week! Other than his height he's a pretty average sized baby at this point. The doc said he looked perfect and there were no concerns. He doesn't have to go back until his 8 week appointment where he definitely won't like getting a bunch of shots.
Lucky for me he likes to nap a lot.
And since he's doing so well growing I'm going to get to start feeding him a bottle once a day, that way mom can be a little more free. He ate 3.5 oz today no problem and got the hang of the low flow bottle pretty fast.
He really checks you out while you feed him.
He's quickly out growing his smallest outfits and he got upgraded to the next size diaper pretty fast. Soon we'll start to transition him to his cloth diaper system so we can stop throwing away so many diapers every day.
We're slowly learning how to get him back to sleep at night as quickly as possible after eating and when he likes to nap during the day. Right now the naps are great for Marni to get her grad school homework done (yay online classes) and I'm usually trying to get the latest pictures posted. I'll be substitute teaching for Marni's school district this year so very soon I'll be gone at least some of the week days. We're darn lucky to have had all this wonderful time together to transition from pregnancy to birth to having the little guy be part of our daily lives without too much else to worry about. We're even planning a road trip to St.Louis in a couple weeks to attend a friend's wedding and show off JJ to his Aunt Jessie, great grandparents and other family. At the very least driving to St.Louis with a newborn will be interesting. ;)

The reintroduction to regular training for me is going well. I'm taking September as a month to build consistency and not worry much about anything else. I've been riding almost every day and even had to take an easy recovery ride day yesterday. Thursday night I hit up Buff Creek with Brett and a friend of his and it was awesome night riding on the Selma. I have a feeling that will become quite a bit more common now. Friday I spent my first longer day away from Marni and JJ and went to Vedauwoo with Chad. We came home in the early afternoon but not before getting spanked by some sweet offwidths (Right Parallel Space, Handjacker and Lower Progressive were the highlights) and also getting to meet Scarpelli himself. Things are going well, more to come I"m sure.

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Scott said...

Wow! Cute! He is awake a lot! Every time Amelia would wake up as a baby she'd get camera flashes, probably scared her enough to put her back to sleep... :)