Wednesday, September 1

What a difference

...the milk makes. I'm not going to lie. Life got a whole lot easier when Marni's milk started to come in on Monday. First we started to hear swallows, then the diaper timing started going in the right direction. JJ gained 5 oz between Monday morning and Tuesday morning making the nurses very happy and Monday night we finally got some real sleep. The picture below is our "yay we slept for several hours at a time" faces.
The little guy has just been 10x more content now that he has a full belly all the time.
I can only do so much to help but I can cook and change diapers. Deluxe omelet (bell pepper, chicken, cheese, avocado, tomato) and donut for breakfast with a sleeping baby on the side.
Since the nurse was slightly worried about JJ's weight on Monday, we got to pump a little extra milk and feed him once from a bottle to supplement the breastfeeding before a recheck on Tuesday. I wasn't expecting to get to feed him for a few more weeks so while not part of the plan, it was welcome surprise. Huge, giant thanks for Marni's parents for showing up with the pump on Sunday as we needed it unexpectedly on Monday and all I had to do was unbox it and sterilize it to have it ready to go.
Happy daddy with JJ's first small bottle (~20mL).
JJ likes his swing now too. Turbo likes to check on him every time he cries. Plus he peeks his head into JJ's bassinet every morning to sniff him.
JJ is also loving his tummy time now. He keeps picking his head up really well and has even somehow turned over twice. We thought we were imagining it but he did it again yesterday. I'm sure it requires the right surface or something but still really funny.
I love getting to spend so much time with him and Momma. I'm a lucky guy.
Now that JJ is feeling better and sleeping soundly, I even snuck out to the BRC yesterday afternoon for a quick session. It was just an hour but it was fun to climb and other than my skin paying the price for a week and a half of time off I felt great. I think being a new daddy is cheating as I jumped right back on and onsighted a new easy 12. Must be the extra daddy happiness.
Today we've had a brilliant morning following stretches of 3 hours of sleep at a time last night and JJ is going to go on his first stroller ride!
It's nice to be back to blogging too. I guess the secret is to have a cute baby and tons of pictures to share. Haha.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm so happy and excited for you. JJ is a lucky kid. Enjoy it. Fatherhood is awesome.